ZWN is a wireless network that covers from North of Mtunzini to North of Mtubatuba.
We offer:
24/7 connectivity to the Internet with generous bandwidth at affordable prices.
Free Email Address on our domain to all users. Domain registration and hosting / and individual domain email and web hosting.
Our  mail servers have excellent spam and virus blocking features. . We also offer a free Fax to Email facility. Essentially, you have an "always on" connection to the internet, with an email facility that blocks 99% of all spam and viruses. It also means that you can now connect all your offices together on the same network using a Virtual Private Network, wherever your offices may be located within our huge coverage area. A reliable solid backbone with fast throughput also allows us to be able to offer companies live video streaming for security cameras etc. Our backup service is referred to by our clients as..... Excellent!!